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The Pigs' Wish List

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Mailing Address: 1602 Hinton Wilson Rd.
Harlem, GA 30814
Re: Pigs
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All of our pigs are fed a little bit of a fortified feed, to make sure they are getting the nutrients they need. They also spend their days foraging for types of weeds and grasses in their large paddocks!

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While it might be a while before Petunia can go back to eating treats due to her weight, Hamilton & Gwenton will gladly eat her share in the meantime! 

kiddie pool.jpg

Did you know that pigs LOVE the water? Did you know they also destroy these pools *frequently* from wallowing in them??

Help us keep our piggies cool with new kiddie pools!


For our pigs' safety, they are enclosed with electric wire. This ensures nothing gets to them and they cannot get out. These insulators hold the electric wire!

Want to donate towards something else?

On top of everything listed above, each horse gets their hooves trimmed every 6 weeks at $60 a piece. The draft horses get done every 6 weeks at $100 a piece. We also regularly buy bales of Alfalfa at $20 each and round bales of Bermuda hay at $80. Our pigs get bags of feed, snacks, and also need the occasional pedicure themselves!

Want to pay for a pedicure or buy a bale? Click the Donate Buttons below!

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