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The Donkeys' Wish List

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Mailing Address: 1602 Hinton Wilson Rd.
Harlem, GA 30814
Re: Donkeys
donkey fly mask.jpeg

Our donkeys are in need of donkey-sized fly masks to protect their ears and eyes from flies. If you think flies like horses, you should see how much they eat on our poor donkey ears!!

Brownie and Chicken Wing both would love some new and improved fly gear. These fly boots will help protect their legs and keep them more comfortable going into peak fly season.

yellow fly spray.jpg

We are cracking down on the flies around here! Brownie and Chicken Wing would love your help!

Want to donate towards something else?

On top of everything listed above, each horse gets their hooves trimmed every 6 weeks at $60 a piece. The draft horses get done every 6 weeks at $100 a piece. We also regularly buy bales of Alfalfa at $20 each and round bales of Bermuda hay at $80. 

Want to pay for a pedicure or buy a bale? Click the Donate Buttons below!

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