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Cassie's Care Farm

The Vision, via Jill Marier, Founder:



"I think the most important part of creating Cassie's Care Farm for kids is that it is being created by a mom who gets it.

As a foster and medical foster parent since 2016, I KNOW the trauma these kids can go through.

As a special needs mom of 5, I know the struggles as a parent, in dealing with medical/behavioral/isolation.

As parents, to have a place we can take our kids that will be understanding if they have a melt down, have areas where we can walk the kids to decompress, would be incredible.

A place where kids in wheelchairs are not confined to buildings and sidewalks, but can go on grand adventures into farm life, being apart of what all the other kids are doing.

THAT'S what I want to create here.

A place where not just horses & farm animals come to heal, but where children come to heal as well.

I wish Cassie could have lived to be apart of that, I wish our farm had been more accessible to take her out on a walk in the acreage.

My drive now is to do this in honor of our beautiful daughter and give that ability to our son Josiah, plus other children like them.

Cassie's Care Farm  will be just that. 

Features of the Care Farm: 


Garden Boxes

We have 16+ Garden Boxes that are approximately 36" in height, making them easily accessible to kids and those in wheelchairs. Each Box is planted with seasonal veggies and flowers! Get your hands dirty by pulling weeds, or just read and learn about what our land has to offer!

Sand Boxes

Our Sand Boxes are also approximately 36" in height, making them accessible and endlessly fun! Sensory play with toys in the sand supports brain development, enhances memory, and encourages problem solving!


Cassie's Coop

Cassie's Coop is a 10x12 chicken coop with some of our finest egg layers! Watch the ladies do their thing and feel free to check for eggs!

Animal Encounters

Our newly installed handicap accessible path will take you into the middle of our animal enclosures and give you an up close and personal encounter with some of our favorite farm animals! 


Shed Store

While visiting Cassie's Care Farm, be sure to stop into our Shed Store to shop our goodies! We have everything from candles and soaps to cups and handmade stuffed animals. Leave cash or checks in the money box inside, or we also accept Venmo and PayPal. 


One of the beautiful features at Mad Hatter Farm is Abigail’s Butterfly Garden. Poppy Valley Farm went above and beyond to create this truly enchanting space in honor of Abigail. The garden is adorned with flowers,arches, herbs, gnomes,fun exploration,  and serves as a lovely tribute to her memory

Abigail was a little girl that bright joy and light into every room she entered with her big beautiful smile.  The first day I met her, it struck me how much she favored Cassie and how Cassie would look once she got older.  @ years later, Cassie passed away. 

Dec 2023, Abigail joined our Cassie after many years of hard fighting. 

It was only suitable that Abigail joined Cassies memory in Cassie's Care Farm where her memory will always be kept alive. 

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