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Cash's Wish List

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Mailing Address: 1602 Hinton Wilson Rd.
Harlem, GA 30814
Re: Cash

Cash gets Seminole DynaSport for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!


(Please note that Amazon prices on feed are higher than at local feed stores, likely due to cost of shipping. See below for links to donate monetarily if you prefer, or we also accept feed donation drop offs at the Shed Store at the front of our property!)

Cash gets Rice Bran added into his feed with every meal!

Rice Bran is a concentrated source of energy, which makes it ideal for horses that require additional calories to maintain body condition.

- Kentucky Equine Research Staff 

It is also easily soaked and fed to our seniors with bad teeth due to its soft texture - think oatmeal!

gut x.webp

GutX is a supplement that we would LOVE to try on Cash and Bear. 

Here are just a few benefits listed on their site:

 Supports Good Gut Health

✅  Trigger Immune Response

✅  Easy to Feed & Economical

✅  Increased Nutritional Absorption

✅  Scientifically Proven Formula

Click on the photo for a link to buy through their website, or read the hundreds of amazing reviews here:

canola oil.jpg

One affordable way to add calories and a favorable ration of Omega 6 to Omega 3 fatty acids to a horse's diet is with Canola Oil!

Did you know that 10oz of oil is equivalent to almost 2.5 pounds of oats??

That means we get a lot of bang for our buck by supplementing with oil!

thrush buster.jpg

Thrush is a very common bacterial infection that is another lovely gift from our wet and humid spring climate here in Georgia. Thankfully, it is relatively easy to treat with this topical medication!

soaking boat_edited.png

Cash is notorious for hoof abscesses, and we frequently have to soak his hoof in Epsom Salt to draw out the infection. It is much easier to soak in this boot!

epsom salts.jpg

The Magnesium Sulfate in Epsom Salt provide inflammation relief as well as antimicrobial benefits!

fly boots.jpg
fly boots 2.jpg

Fly Boots help keep the pesky flies off of our horses' legs!

Click the paint pony for link!

epsom salts poultice.jpg
poultice pads.jpg
vet wrap.jpg

Our sweet Cash is VERY prone to abscesses and frequently needs soaking and wrapping to help draw out the infection. These are the supplies we need to be able to treat his feet and keep him comfortable!

Want to donate towards something else?

On top of everything listed above, each horse gets their hooves trimmed every 6 weeks at $60 a piece. The draft horses get done every 6 weeks at $100 a piece. We also regularly buy bales of Alfalfa at $20 each and round bales of Bermuda hay at $80. 

Want to pay for a pedicure or buy a bale? Click the Donate Buttons below!

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