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Volunteer Day!

Every Sunday 10am - 4pm

What Needs Done?

- Sticks and branches in front paddock picked up 

- Rubber mats rolled out for wheelchair pathway

- Sticks/branches/trees need to be put in a pile and burned


- Fence lines cleaned up, weeds trimmed away from electric wire

- Dig holes for fence posts for new fencing

- Rake pastures with tractor (experienced people only)

- Lay fabric in stalls and shovel crush run in 

- Groom horses - Experienced horse people only!

 * Waivers located in Shed Store MUST be signed before beginning work!*

How Can You Help? 

We welcome volunteers to help with the animals. Check our website here and our Facebook page to keep up with other volunteer opportunities around the farm.

Also see below for links to our Wish Lists on Chewy and Amazon. Any donation, no matter how small helps us on our mission!

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We are always in constant need of donations to support our rescues, as well as the continued construction of an all-inclusive handicap farm for children and foster children in the state of Georgia.

Venmo: @Madhatterfarm

PayPal: @JILLSIMPSON183 (Mad Hatter Farm)

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Links to our Wish Lists: 

By appt only for DFCS and special needs families

1602 Hinton Wilson Rd

Harlem, Ga 30814

By Phone



Sponsor a friend

Sponsor a Friend

Sponsor an animal we have here on the farm!

$20 monthly donations would make an incredible difference to each of them. 


Calendar of Events

Come meet our team and shop our farm made products at one of the following Events!

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