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The story of Mad Hatter Farm

I had this dream and it’s taken years to slowly to into fruition. I wanted to create a farm for children in foster care , specifically medical/special needs as I am a bio mom of a son with cerebral palsy. I always dreamed of adoption and large family, but now even bigger a medical foster parent. We created this farm for the children we have in our home from trach vent to wheelchair dependent etc. The farm is not open to the public but specifically for our in home foster,adoptive,and bio medically fragile children.

The dream got bigger when we found the need of horses needing home..and some farm animals. We then created a spin to the farm where the children help the animals, giving them an even bigger love and purpose in life. A environment they could thrive in! We recently(finally) became a 501c3 non profit rescue for the farm!

We then created a small farmstand open daily from 10a-5p where you can drive by, see some of the animals(please do not touch but admire only) and purchase an item from our honor stand to support our mission!

Every item we have on the stand was created but us and the kids here to help support their fur best friends. Every donations helps us to continue to make this dream possible!


Please look for road marker signs and sign by driveway. The stand will be right when you pull in with fresh eggs/crochet items/glass lampwork earrings/homemade soap/sugar scrubs/body butter…this Friday we will have bug deterrent lotion bars and regular lotion bars. We will try to have homemade treats when we can as well!

The rest of the driveway is private, not open to public..

Thank you for supporting our farm!

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