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Spirit's Wish List

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Mailing Address: 1602 Hinton Wilson Rd.
Harlem, GA 30814
Re: Spirit

Spirit is a big old man who LOVES his Seminole feed!

(Please note that Amazon prices on feed are higher than at local feed stores, likely due to cost of shipping. See below for links to donate monetarily if you prefer, or we also accept feed donation drop offs at the Shed Store at the front of our property!)

Spirit is another one of our old guys that gets Rice Bran supplemented to help maintain his weight.

MSM is a great supplement that supports not only healthy joints, but also promotes healthy skin, hooves, the respiratory tract and other tissues! 

Spirit specifically benefits from MSM due to the wear and tear on his joints from Stringhault. 

vitamin E supplement.jpg

There is some research behind supplementing Vitamin E for the management of Stringhault. 

Read more about it here!

This draft sized fly mask keeps the flies away from the horse's eyes and face, and also protects them from the sun's harmful rays, dust, and debris!

Want to donate towards something else?

On top of everything listed above, each horse gets their hooves trimmed every 6 weeks at $60 a piece. The draft horses get done every 6 weeks at $100 a piece. We also regularly buy bales of Alfalfa at $20 each and round bales of Bermuda hay at $80. 

Want to pay for a pedicure or buy a bale? Click the Donate Buttons below!

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